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Whoa, dreams.

"Hello. I'm talking to you from inside Julie's head."

I only started documenting them again a week ago but I can remember about 80% of my dreams from last night. And that's a LOT of dream. Also, I got lucid and flew. There's lots of ways to fly in a dream. This was not a Superman flight or a winged flight, but more of a glide. It started out like Superman, pushing off with my feet, but then it was just a sort of "I want to go that way" and my whole body moving. Also, I teleported. Nowhere specific; I was hanging literally by a thread about 40' up and I just concentrated and I was on the ground. The hardest part about all of this was trying not to get carried away. I kept telling myself: "Take it easy, don't wake yourself up!" Then, after I got tired of flying (I made it out to LEO) I teleported around the sky, but due to a lack of frame of reference, I didn't really do anything. The stars shifted a bit or else I wouldn't have known. Once back on the ground, I tried to hand off the cherry bomb from lucid_dreaming before I could feel the lucidity fading. I was frantically trying to remember anything else I wanted to try while still lucid, which probably pushed me out of it.

There's tons more; this is just the tip of the iceberg. I've been waking up at 06:30 every day, but this still isn't enough time to document everything. I'd love to get up at 5 and hit the gym before work, but that puts me to bed at 2100, and I don't get home from class until then (or later) sometimes. I have no idea how to do this.

Still working on my inner fieldmarshal. Meanwhile, it's looking like a beautiful day and I wish I hadn't had to take my bike back to the shop.

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