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You want I should have dishpan hands, nigga?

I bought a pair of dishwashing gloves today. But that is not the point of the story, so it makes a terrible place from which to start.

Today, I did a good deed, and I got paid for it (or I will, when my commission comes in a month). I went in to work on my day off to close a loan for a gentleman in the hospital with cancer. He and his wife have always been very nice to me, and he first was diagnosed at about the time my father relapsed. So I got them a low fixed rate while allowing them to pay off their loan ten years early. Because that's what I do, bitches. I'm a player, but I don't play when it comes to money. I will skrate up save yo ass some serious C.R.E.A.M. Only trouble is, he goes in for treatment tomorrow, and I'm off today! Since after tomorrow, we don't know what state he will be in, I volunteer to go in on my day off.

But wait, there's more. Since I am a poor student, I neglected to study for the test tonight and planned to do it all today. Oops! I may be "smart" but I have no study skills and therefore am a very poor student. But I made the sacrifice, and made some cheddar in the process. I studied a bit in the morning, fucked up my laundry, and went to the office around 12:30, leaving a load in the dryer. I caught some good karma and they didn't ticket me for not moving my truck at 12 for the street sweeper. From 1300 to 1340, I printed the docs, set up their escrow account, and photocopied everything (in case we made a mistake). Then I took off like the Philly Flash for the hospital. I was only about 5 minutes late.

Needless to say, the closing went off without a hitch (yeah, I said it anyway). I took the docs headed home to rescue my clothes (still wet, dammit!), flew to work (still travelling well beyond legal limits), dropped off the papers, returned home and studied for a good ninety minutes without getting distracted. The last part is the amazing bit. I finished everything and with traffic was only about 15-20 minutes late for class. This was a conscious decision on my part. I'd rather be late and prepared, since there was no lecture component and we were free to leave when finished with the exam. It worked out well; we were allowed to use our homework to answer the essay questions at the end, so naturally I rocked them significantly to within three decimal points. I have no illusions about the results, but as long as I accumulate a "B", I should be Ivy-bound once more.

I was done with the test at about 7:30 (only took an hour of the 3 hour class period!) which freed me up to do the grocery shopping I hadn't done earlier. So I did that, and that's when I bought the aforementioned dishwashing gloves. It turns out that I am barely able to fit into a large, although I would consider my hands to be of average size. This has caused me to conjecture that dishwashing gloves are based entirely on ladies' sizing. It is also interesting to note that ladies know their glove size, as I saw various sizes (7¼ - 7¾) on display, but no Foot Lockeresque device by which to measure oneself. This is worth further study, but if I may venture a hypothesis, it is possible that we might live in a misogynistic style. Which I cannot abide, as it makes it impossible for me to get gloves in my size with which to avoid manos dishpanum. But I had my subject line ready as a retort for anyone standing behind me online who questioned the femininity of my purchase.

I decided on a few things. I want to get working on my taxes soon, as I plan to use any money I get from a refund to get new tires for my motorcycle. I want something more on-road capable than I have now. Spring is still far away, and even spring tends to be wet. More traction is better! I know I'm usually the one suggesting you invest your return, but this is an investment. I am BankerMan, but BankerMan wouldn't be BankerMan without his Action Fiscal-Cycle.

And speaking of cycles, I want to complete the paperwork on my dad's estate so that I can get the GoldWing to ride to see Joe'n'Katy in April. Also, I'm trying to be more on top of my studying so that I don't have to take the optional Final Exam that week in my Tuesday class. See, what I have are plans, not tasks, chores, goals, or jobs. I'm through with thinking in terms of have. When I start laying out for myself what I have to do, all of a sudden I'm Captain Bringdown and I don't want to listen to myself anymore. Yeah, I'm that anti-authoritarian. I won't even listen to me tell myself to do things. "Hey, maybe we should floss more." "Shut up, fascist!" So instead, I am thinking more in terms of objectives, letting my Fieldmarshal side take over, because I love it when a plan comes together. As an XNTX, I can do this. So I make plans to have the GoldWing for a trip down to Florida, and I make plans to do my taxes soon. I don't have to do it, and I'm not going to force myself. But if I would like the desired outcome to come about, I will take the path of least resistance to it. I'm simply laying out the game board so that the path of least resistance also happens to be over the obstacle in question. I have never lost a game of Risk.

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