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Another in a series of mild annoyances

Apparently, I can't log on to AIM. It tells me my password is not correct. I requested that my password be e-mailed to me, but I haven't received it. I'm guessing the e-mail has either been sent to my Cornell address, which is defunct, or to my old hotmail address, to which I cannot remember the password. So now I'm trying to remember the password I used to input to hotmail several times daily for a number of years, doing a dictionary attack on my brain to try and remember it, and trying to think like my adolescent self. Which is disturbing, not because of the contents of my mind at that time, but because I can be so alien to myself.

It's all irrelevant if my AIM's been jacked. For now, I'm logged on under my older screenname. I set an alert in case my username comes online; at least I'll know if it's been taken over. I just don't want any of my friends getting messages that they think are from me when they're not. I know I didn't change my password and then forget. So either the password is sitting in my hotmail, or my account's been jacked and the password was just sent to whoever the new owner is, or it's a bug in AIM. Whatever it is, I don't think I'll be setting up a new s/n soon. So you can all find me on ICQ. Suckers.

So, if you see me on your buddy list, e-mail me and let me know when you saw me and what I may have said, if anything. Whoever it is, it's not me until you see me post something here.

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