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"They try to silence me, but I'm alive magnetically..."

"...and I am in the smash of glass, the twist of words, atomic blasts"

Perhaps I should list what I've done and what I'm doing in the near future. Creating such a collective and consensual fiction as "the past" and "the future" will enable other consciousnesses awareness of my physical status.

In essence, what follows is what's going on (or appears to be going on) with me:

My youngest brother, Austin, turned 16 Thursday. I called him after my Educational Psychology class and we talked for an hour. The interaction of our conversation revealed some knowledge to the two of us in precisely the way I would never have arrived at it alone. We talked about eschatology, waking life, ability and talent vs. effort, the lie of "intelligence", the value of wisdom/experiential knowledge, the value of each of us as a human being, motorcycles, drive, and the Holy Moment. Among other things. I did most of the talking, but I tried to stay away from lecture. He said I didn't bore him, so hopefully I didn't.

I've been studying quite a bit. I already have an exam next Tuesday, and the following Thursday I have to give an oral report on lucid dreaming. I've been spending time on and to brush up a bit and to get some techniques for teaching others to LD. I myself am atypical in that I taught myself how to LD through nightmares. I started having nightmares when I was 6, and by my third one, I was able to control it or at least wake myself. My parents actually helped me quite a lot by giving me my Voltron to protect me after my first nightmare. Baby's first nightmare. Imagine my confusion when the dream tried to hurt me! I decided that was bad and shouldn't happen again. I have never been a 'victim', and I've always been fairly self-directed (I also taught myself how to read). So from age 6 til college, I never had a nightmare. I had a few that started to turn dark, but I woke myself from those, or else confronted the antagonist. Even after college, I wouldn't call them nightmares so much as "bad dreams". The only one that was really bad turned bad really quickly, and I think it was actually caused by running out of breath due to sleep apnea. And now my dreams have been getting more lucid. I am going to start recording them, as advised by several sources, in the dream diary Amanda once bought me and I later stopped using.

I've got clearance from my prof to miss class April 28th. I plan to drive down to Panama City, Florida; or more accurately, I hope to ride down. I'm going to see Joe and Katy, and I'd like to make the trip on a motorcycle. I don't think my KLR will be comfortable, so this means I must work on getting my dad's GoldWing to be rideable in time. Which means I have to actually tend to all the estate-stuff I keep putting off. I will hopefully be able to stop in ATL and maybe just maybe other points between. I am sad I am missing Mardi Gras this year. And not because of Bourbon Street. I like all the rest of the festival; the friendly people, the food, the friends along the way, and time with Becca.

I keep saying "motorcycle" this and "motorcycle" that. Well, there's a reason for that. I got my bike back today!

My electric bill was $25 last month. That is the lowest I or anyone I know of has ever seen an electric bill be. Could it be because I am always at work or school? HMM? I think not watching TV anymore helps, though. The only things I use are my kitchen appliances to make food, my computer, the various lights (fluorescent bulbs!), and my assorted chargers for things. I like electricity! I wave to the friendly power plant I can see out my window. Hi! I do not like gas, however. As I've been forced to take the truck to classes, and it takes 45 minutes to go 12.5 miles (for an average of 16 mph, or bicycle speed), I have been drinking gas. Boo for paying for things and adult-type bills!

Boo also for having to do my taxes. I will have to take all sorts of things like stocks, IRAs and crap like that into account. No E-Z form for me! I hope I get something back. Sure, my income has gone from under 20k to just shy of three g's a month in my time at BankCo, but my expenses seem to have tripled. Maybe I can get Jesse Jackson to sponsor a law whereby black people wouldn't have to pay taxes since they WORKED FOR NO PAY for like 400 years. At least I could get taxed at a 50% discount. Maybe if I kicked 20 Republican senators in the balls, I could finally get my 40 acres. *rimshot*

I keep meaning to get to the gym. No time! I think sleep is more important than the gym, and I haven't even had proper time to do that.

Am I forgetting anything? I haven't had much time for non-school reading.

Gosh, but my apartment needs cleaning. Maybe if I start now, I'll be done by the end of Spring.

Oh yeah, I need to remember to do laundry tomorrow. It's sad that laundry has a priority over food in my budget.

Be excellent to each other!

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