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What if I wasn't so scared?

There are no lesser visionaries.

Kermix and I were talking about his hypersigil experiment, where you write the story of a character based on yourself in an attempt to manifest it as reality. I asked him if it should be automatic writing:

K: It seems obvious to say "be creative", but it was something I didn't fully digest for a while
K: The idea of there being "limits" or "no limits" is ... kind of limiting
N: Ok, so it parallels lucid dreaming
N: Lucid authoring, perhaps
K: ...Actually, yeah
K: Whereas automatic writing would parallel automatic dreaming
K: Good catch
N: Too true
N: It was both of us

Automatic living is an addiction. The path of least resistance, yes, but also a mind-altering practice that reduces your self-control and capabilities. There is an extent where pattern-based automation is useful: I don't want to have to learn to brush my teeth anew every time. But where is the line drawn? I've tried before to kick the habit, with little success. I'd like to actually achieve full-blown intentional living (short of forcing myself to breathe, perhaps) just to see how severe the withdrawal is.

Note how it took both of us to discover the true point of the exercise. Humanity is an information system.

I'm working on my lucid story idea. How do you harm someone in a dream? With harsh truths about themselves. But truth is still subjective...

Chimpanzees have been shown to have a similar sense of justice, via sciam. Subjectivity (sense of justice) and Objectivity (similarity & commonality across entities) are just sides of the same coin.

Turn it off. Disengage from passive existence. "Kill Your TV" if necessary. Live intentionally.

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