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I got me some muscle relaxants. Time to get floaty.

It was the weirdest thing. As I lay on my side, falling asleep, the onset of nocturnal myoclonus felt like someone literally pushing me over. Now I know it's not a good idea to sleep on your side, but I was otherwise unable to get comfortable. Imagine my shock and surprise when it felt as if someone was shoving me over. It was like, "Dude, harsh."

Hmm, now the setting sun is hitting the steam clouds from the powerplant on the opposite side, creating a similarly cool effect.

I am a king highway hauler.

Said to kermix: "I feel like if I can get lucid more often, I will have more self-confidence in life. And that if I am more confident in life, I will be more lucid." I still want to write a story in the vein of Randolph Carter/Unknown Kadath, but where the protagonist is a more traditional lucid dreamer. I don't know of (m)any novels about lucid dreamers if only perhaps that it may be considered "too easy" to have someone aware of their godlike control of the world. But I think if it were more like the real process of lucid dreaming, with the control and awareness slipping in and out, it could be quite engaging. Also, it would be interesting to tie the lucid dreamstate to the character's waking life.

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