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In pain

Woke up about 3:30, can't sleep. For about the last sixteen hours my back has been hurting me pretty badly. It's not like any kind of pain I've felt before. It's not really intense, it's just impossible to get comfortable and I'm very stiff. Of course, I will go to the doctor, but I started thinking about CIGNA and how they haven't paid my medical bills since July and how it meant I almost didn't get treatment after my accident. So I lay in bed for a while, agonizing about having to strangle each and every phone rep one by one until they agreed to pay my claims for the last six months just so I can go to the doctor later this morning. At least Becca drove down this weekend so I have someone to fluff my pillows and bring me water. Nurse!

Got AiC in my head. Here's the words. Wakin, achin, etc. That's a-me!

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