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We're All Right (No One Is Wrong)

Love is the gift of saying: "Be what you will be, whatever you become, and I will love you." Love is giving your beloved the freedom to live. Recently, my psychiatrist asked me what love was, and I answered (as I always do): "Wanting to see that person happy, no matter what." This is the flip side of that. No one will always be happy, but it is up to them to decide that.

Cancer is saying good-bye at twentifive. Cancer is realizing too late that life is short. Cancer is missed opportunities. Cancer is saying "It was his time." Fight Cancer in all its forms.

I will not say these things are the greatest and worst things in the world, respectively. But I will say that the lack of, or rather the disappearance of either can be the worst and the greatest thing, respectively. Respectfully. Subjectively. My life has been short, but I've been fortunate enough to experience both of these.

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