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Help save! Apparently, they blew like three disks at once or something. These guys host my website, but they are also buddies! Send them large bags of cash so they can get my website, e-mail, life back on-line. Send them your thoughts/prayers/energies as well.

Just listen to what some Internet people are saying:

"Rock solid hosting. TinFoilHat gets my content where I want it, when I want it, how I want it." -Webmaster, ""

"I love my TFH! They're like the MuchMusic to geocities' MTV! Well, back when MuchMusic was good. Anyhow, they're in Canada, so they're not under any patriotic loyalty oaths. Which means I can say whatever the heck I want in my webjournal about the government without having to worry about the Dept. of Fatherland Security taking them offline!" -Webmaster, ""

So sign up with today. Well, tomorrow, when they should be back online. Because: "Tinfoilhat: Are you coming on to us?"

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