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W. T. E.

As I was sorting through my paperwork for Cornell today, I came up with a character. He's based somewhat on Mr. Plymouth from in appearance.

W.T. Effingham
"I say, W. T. Effingham?"

Yes, of the Rockville Effinghams.

I am very pleased with how the Photoshop-drawn version came out, after my phonecam completely failed to focus on the one I drew earlier today. I think ol' W.T. will join my stable of icons for those "WTF" moments. A quick google search shows no one else at present using this "expression" so I hereby claim it in the name of Queen.

As far as Cornell goes, I have butterflies and a killer headache. How am I managing this logistic nightmare (2 days left, and still no transcript to be found) after four years of paralyzing fear? As the tightrope walker said, "Don't look down." I have this sensation that if I stop moving or even question the process that everything will come crashing down. Maybe I'm thinking in terms of gyroscopic stability, which means I've been spending too much time on my motorcycle.

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