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I have a dream... (what, another one?)

I forgot my other dream of significance this morning. I dreamt I was in a mall, which I then proceeded to barricade, and I started trying to wake people up from how they had been dreaming. I tried to make them see the simple reality that if only they would be nice to one another, there would be no wars, no terrorism, no politicians (in order of escalating horror and # of casualties caused so far this millennium). I remember shaking one forty-something mother with two screaming kids and a shopping cart; shaking her by the shoulders and trying to explain to her how her actions had an effect on everyone on Earth. I tried explaining to her the principle of living by the Categorical Imperative; that it didn't just have to apply to negative consequences. Yes, if everyone killed someone, then we would all be dead (except, possibly, for one last guy who would then have to do himself in), and so killing is amoral. But the Imperative can also apply to good things. It doesn't have to be a bad/not bad dichotomy. Not having a negative effect is not the same as having a positive effect.

My Christ complex was in full control of the dream, until my paranoia teamed up with my persecution complex triggering the military/gov't to show up and demand that I stop telling people the Truth. They were trying, but they could not break the ordinary glass doors, not with their strongest tanks or largest explosives. The Truth was too strong. If I have one dream in life, it is this. I will not sit around hoping this dream comes true. Hope is necessary but it is useless without action. I live by the Categorical Imperative, though you might know it by another name: The Golden Rule.

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