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Nemo made me do it.

1. What you like to be called:
Something novel. I think it's neat when people haver personal nicknames for me. I call myself N@, but the coolest name someone else called me was Natural, as in the Folk Implosion song, Natural One.

2. Middle name:
Anderson. Yes, my initials are my nickname, and I am the IVth.

3. Aim screenname:
Vedkar. I won't add you if I don't know you. Knowing you from lj counts, I guess.

4. Do you believe in marriage?
I plan on it. Not the polyamorous type.

5. Do you read/publish zines?
No. Just my own fiction. I published a literary newsletter in high school.

6. Favorite Denny's meal:

7. Your girl hero:
Madonna. Failing that, my own personal Madonna, Katy.

8. Number of sugars in coffee/tea:
Don't even try to play me like that. It's Dew straight up.

9. Combat boots or faerie slippers?
Boots. Caterpillars, like the bulldozers. "Walking Machines."

10. In love right now?
You tell me.

11. What do you think of vegetarianism/veganism?
To each their own. Me, I'm hungry. That and I'm kinda allergic to beans, I can't really do the tofu or lintel thing.

12. Is punk dead?
Was punk ever alive?

13. What're your creative outlets?
Whatever I can find. Sometimes I think I'm a performance artist.

14. Favorite dead poet:
W. H. Auden? Poe? I really prefer to hear poetry read, so it helps if the poet is alive.

15. Gay/bi/hetero?
Heterosexual. I'm like, a 9 on the Kinsey scale, assuming that 10 is an unreachable ideal. No, not ideal; I mean theoretical concept. Not aspiration.

16. Current hair color and style:
Dark, curly, and frotesque.

17. Favorite playground equipment:
Me. Everything is my playground. I'm a freestyle walker since before there were skaters. :)

18. In your eyes, what makes a person beautiful?
Kindness. Understanding. And good taste in music.

19. Do you want to have children someday?
Two. Both will be boys. It's genetic. Though I have this funny feeling I'll end up with girls. I would be a horrible father to girls.

20. What are your favorite names?
Vedkar, Victor, Foldgers, Kleenex, Schaudenfreude. They can be names of things and ideas, right?

21. Are you a mall shopper?
No, but I tend to dream I'm in malls. No earthly malls, either. We're talking about architectual marvels, several dozen stories high, with escalators that spiral and swoop and loop the loop.

22. What inspires you?
Anything. Everything, rather.

23. Soap and water or antibacterial hand gel?
Whatever's in the dispenser thingie.

24. Do you collect anything?
Dust? Never. Used to collect Garbage Pail Kids, (Fantastic Four) comics, and now books, esp. pop psych books.

25. School:
Cornell University.

26. Any piercings or tattoos?

27. Favorite cartoon:
I like a lot of cartoons. If you don't count The Maxx as a cartoon, I'd say it's a toss-up between Danger Mouse, Voltron, and Mysterious Cities of Gold (recognize my condor icon?). Probably MCoG... I really *loved* that show. I'm still obsessed with Aztecs, Olmecs, and anything to do with Atlantis.

28. What happens when we die?
Everything keeps going as normal. Nothing stops, except us.

29. Favorite leader:
Favorite? Cause Hitler was good... at leading. I don't like the guy. I like Solon, the benevolent dictator. Hammurabi had some svelte rules. Marcus Aurelius... I guess you can say any of the philosopher kings. Even Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. Any leader who was also an intellectual, without being a fop/wuss... MLK, Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson...

30. Are you going/did you go to your senior prom?

31. Best time of day:
Day. Best time of night? Night. Time is what you make of it.

32. Do you consider yourself a riot grrl or feminist?
Says so on my door: Honorary Riot Grrl.

33. Favorite tastes:
Vanilla. Victory. No aftertastes, though. Those are usually nasty.

34. Who would you most like to get a handwritten letter from?
God. A signed letter revoking my right to be an asshole. I'd like to see that.

35. Do you compose/play music?
All the time, and by accident. I'm a percussionist, but I can whistle a mean improv.

36. Are you in a band?
Yes. My band is called Disparity, and is just me, right now. The other band I'm in is called Worse Than Pop and our goal is to release an album a week of throwaway until we make something decent or are arrested.

37. Favorite elementary school memory:
Holding up the bus to write my girlfriend a love poem when I was six. That or rescuing the coat of the girl everyone picked on one day when everybody decided to stomp on it into the mud....

38. Straightedge, experimenter, or addict?
Straightedge. I'm like Heroin Bob from SLC Punk. I just know it.

39. What book are you currently reading?
The Tomb and other stories, by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and The X-Cutioner's Song graphic novel.

40. Do you like Napster?
I am one with it. Punk kids on it need to learn how to spell, and what artist does what. And that "Weird" Al is not a chick, nor does he have over a thousand songs. But good when you need to find something, like Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized" last week.

41. Favorite painter:
The one who catches my eye. Without bludgeoning it.

42. What makes you cry?
Nothing. Ever.

43. Favorite color of glitter:
Fruit Punch.

44. Who was the last person you kissed?
My girlfriend.

45. Glue, rubber cement, or paste?
Rubber cement can be used the most ways. Like making bouncy balls. And it's saved my life.

46. Do you drive?
As like a god.

47. Kitties or puppies?
I'm allergic. I like them for short periods of time if they behave and are cute or nice. I prefer things without fur or feathers. Lizards are cool, and I will play with bugs for hours. Spiders I respect. My nickname used to be spider, and I still feel a kindred bond with them (no joke). They kill mosquitoes, possibly the only living creature I bear malice against, too.

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