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Master Debater

"I say your three cent titanium tax goes too far."

"And I say your three cent titanium tax doesn't go too far enough!"

I love Futurama.

And I'm still voting Libertarian. If you'd like to watch the debates, here is a link to a .wmv file.

And if all the people too disenfranchised to vote picked a third party candidate they could back—any candidate—there would not be such a thing as a wasted vote. 1/3 of Americans are enough to change the system right now owned by the two buddy-buddy parties who are content to run this nation. And if you do with all your heart endorse a "name brand" candidate, please tell me what they stand for (other than knocking the other guy out of contention). No, seriously, you can vote for them, but at least support election reform, perhaps condorcet or instant-runoff ballots. Fight the "wasted vote" effect.

But back to my earlier joke, how can anyone talk about the "spoiler effect" for 3rd party candidates when everyone this election is voting against the other guy? We're having a spoiler election, folks.


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