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Outback Steakhouse: No Rules, Just Anarchy

Yesterday, I got my Buckminster Fuller stamps. Now that I have gotten them home, I realize I don't collect stamps, so I don't have anywhere to put them other than my old sticker albums. I think Becca was mad jealous of my superrad sticker albums That Came From 1984. I don't think Bucky would mind at all.

Speaking of [bucky]balls, I love when people compliment me on my emmittiously large cojones. Sometimes, people ask if they are of steel, or brass, or if I have difficulty with physical activity due to their great circumference. But mostly people just tell me that they are the biggest they have ever seen. It's funny, I don't look like a daredevil.

I went this evening to pick up the free jacket I won bowling. I haven't decided if I like it yet, but it's a nice weight; heavier than my windbreaker but lighter than my leather jacket. Hey, free jacket. It's like a step and a half down from the cloth motorcycle jacket I fell in love with this weekend. I wouldn't ride it on a motorcycle, but I bet it would be comfortable to do so (right weight, just doesn't have any armor).

On the way out, wearing my new jacket against the rain, I took this picture:

Appropriate, as tomorrow is traffic court for my first ever speeding ticket.

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