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Oh, in case you want to know what else is up:

Aruba is next week.
I have signed up for the Motorcycle Safety class which will not take place until Sept. 24th. If all goes well, that following Monday, I should be a licensed motorcyclist. I have been looking for a bike smaller than my father's Honda GoldWing Aspencade to learn on, because the GoldWing is one of the largest bikes made. It was recommended that I learn on a 500cc bike (I should be big enough to) so I was told to check out Suzuki Savages and Honda Shadows. I hope to find something for under $2k that I can resell after a few months for most if not all of the money I buy it for. I am becoming acquainted with eBayMotors. As a reward for finishing the FAFSA, I am now going to dive into I've been evaluating my driving and trying to translate it to an equivalent motorcycling experience. Becca and I went out and tried on various leather jackets and she bought a pair biker babe high-heeled boots that make her taller than I am. I will be purchasing the books recommended by Scott as soon as I get my B&N gift certificates.
I think I am settled on getting the Epson R200 photoprinter when those gift certificates arrive.
I have moved my father's ashes into the closet, where they fit nicely on a shelf. I am still trying to figure out if I am in denial and if so if it is to a healthy extent. There are more important things to worry about now, like school.
I have been looking at apartments and jobs in Ithaca. If I can move there, I will. If it is less expensive than living here, it will make sense to do so.
I think I seriously messed myself up bowling six straight games with my father's ball this week. The blisters on my hands have healed, but I still have a hip thing that I think is some kind of repetitive stress injury.
Since I have no cable TV, I have been watching mostly downloaded entertainment. I forgot to show Becca the clip explaining the Aristocrats. The Young Ones is Becca's new favorite show, I think. I have also been splitting my time evenly between live-action and animated episodes of The Tick.
Work is just a blur.

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