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Nemo is a good person. One of the best.

<nemosity> You have more patience with other people than even I do!
<nemosity> I am only impatient when it has to do with me >:(
<nemosity> Hee
<ImperfectDark> I have limitless patience.
<nemosity> But having someone listen to me is addictive!
<nemosity> And makes me go blah blah blah
<nemosity> You *do* know you can talk to me anytime you need to, right?
<ImperfectDark> Yeah.
<nemosity> Just making sure!
<ImperfectDark> I know that!
<ImperfectDark> I'm just a bottler!
<ImperfectDark> I don't feel stress...
<ImperfectDark> I take in other people's ...
<ImperfectDark> and it goes straight to my back
<nemosity> Like a treeee eating up that carbon dioxide.. only it's monoxide and it's really bad for you >:(
<nemosity> I don't know, heh
<ImperfectDark> I have ONE BIG KNOT in my back
<ImperfectDark> as my back, I should say
<nemosity> Do you ever let it out?
<ImperfectDark> Sometimes.
<ImperfectDark> I write
<ImperfectDark> I get backrubs
<ImperfectDark> I think I focus it.
<ImperfectDark> It actually helps me think
<nemosity> I prescribe more writing and LOTS more backrubs.
<ImperfectDark> Because I can see other people's problems more objectively
<ImperfectDark> And then take that and use it on myself
<ImperfectDark> Better than I could otherwise.
<nemosity> That's good
<nemosity> I try to learn from the mistakes of others
<ImperfectDark> I sometimes wonder if I wasn't originally meant to be some big religious leader
<nemosity> But I don't handle stress well :\
<ImperfectDark> It's important!
<ImperfectDark> You yourself can only make so many!
<nemosity> You're meant for something big.
<nemosity> You'll be something big!
<ImperfectDark> I am Big!
<nemosity> You are!
<ImperfectDark> I want to be Big, even if just to one person
<ImperfectDark> and our kids
<nemosity> I think you are Big to more people than you know!
<ImperfectDark> Maybe.
<nemosity> And you're only getting Bigger
<ImperfectDark> I hope I don't explode.
<nemosity> If you do, I'll help clean the walls
<ImperfectDark> yay!
<nemosity> It's what I'm here for!

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