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It all bleeds together.

After reading this review on /., I am thinking of getting into Linux. I went looking for the book today, but I couldn't find it in the one (1) store I checked and the intarweb tells me the other store I could have checked ain't got it either. I have my old Compaq, which is running off a 233MHz Pentium ONE with MMX (remember MMX?). The HD is shit, the CD-ROM drive is shit, and the floppy drive is nonexistent shit. I've been thinking about a DVD burner for awhile, waiting to see if the media would drop to a dollar a disc. Of course, now there is all sorts of talk about Blue Las0rZ and double density disc burning etc... blah blah blah. Long story short, if I bought a DVD-burner, I could remove either the DVD-ROM or CD-R from my b0x3n and place it in the Compaq. The other issue with the Compaq is that it has 48 MHz of RAM. Stop laughing. Once I got 1337 on teh lunix I could run my own s3rv4r. #0++.

In other news, I got nothing done today. Now I must get out of these tight pants. I bid you adieu!

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