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Dropping Science Like Dubya Does Bombs

Good Eats is a good show. Now if only I had things like a grill, or a skillet, or food in my fridge. I really need a bachelor's guide to cooking (with science, if possible); something like How to Boil Water. Or How to Store Things Without Them Going Bad and Giving You Teh Runs. And Just What Meat Comes from What Dead Thing?

I had my first grease fire tonight. The science of cooking is not for fools or mortals! Fire apparently is, though.

Oh, wait, he is showing how to actually use the broiler. I think I have seen the broiler used maybe twice in my life, and once it was on fire. Time to take notes.

Did I mention my mom caught herself on fire while pregnant with me? This explains my luck in the kitchen, I assure you.

Thanks to Wired_News.
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