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In da kitchen

Yo, my bacon cookery is gettin off da heeeezy. This is especially great because none of the kitchen-type females I know know how to cook bacon in a skillet; they all nuke it. It is crunchy and chewy and worth the risk of heart disease. As I am now getting better at cooking bacon, I shall now cook bacon more.*

In addition, mis huevos rancheros son excellantes. I think maybe I could use a bit more Tabasco sauce, but adding it to the egg-milk mixture makes a hell of a lot of difference. Now the taste pervades the eggs, yet doesn't burn off completely. It's not spicy, but it comes out tangy.

IF YOU CAN'T STAND DA HEET, GITCHO ASS OUT DA KITCHEN. I'm on a mission. A mission for culinary fission. BITCHES!

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