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Thinking about Place

I just saw one of those little seed helicopter thingies float up past my window. In my thinking about places, combined with Kermix's thinking about majick, I have been thinking of... well, mystical places. Idiosyncratic locations.

  • Eerie, Indiana - A place where the time does not change, where Gomez Addams runs a majic/joke shop, and where Elvis lives. Eerie was, in my childhood, the first contemporary mystical place I can think of. If you've ever been to Indiana, you know why the land of the Eternal John Cougar Mellencamp album is home to a special type of magic. Not my kind, though. If you don't believe me, the Bottle Rockets (they're from KC!) have a song about it.

  • Cicely, Alaska - I fell in love with Northern Exposure the minute I saw it. Something called to the Shaman in me, even before Ed began his training. The giant fish, One Who Waits, the constantly-shifting time slot; it seemed like nothing was wholly real. Though every day in Cicely seemed magical, I think that it is entirely too cold a climate for me.

  • Mystic, Connecticutt - Mmm, pizza...

  • The American Southwest - Just where is the Lost Highway? People have long romanced the great open space along what used to be Route 66. Homer ran into a coyote who sounded suspiciously like Johnny Cash. Somewhere, Randall "Tex" Cobb is on his unholy patrol of the desert. One of the most sparsely populated areas of the United States, need I say more than "Area 51"?

  • New Orleans, Louisiana - I've actually been to Nawlins, and while it may have been the site of voodoo magic in Marie Laveau's time, it's now a hot, crime-riddled Southern City. Another place great to visit, but not for me to live in.

    I have I forgotten any? I can do a part two if need be.
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