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The Mountains Win Again OR: Monchichi mean Madness!

I'm back from my excursion down one cell phone. No, it's not my new one. Turns out strapping something to your back when you're going to go sliding halfway down the side of a mountain on that side of your ass is a bad idea. I was there till nightfall looking for it. Remember, when the sun goes away, light goes away. Also, heat goes away faster. I remembered, but I wasn't really paying attention. By the time I got to the diner, I was shivering. I couldn't even eat, after leaving the house this morning without eating breakfast or lunch. I had the car heat on full blast and I couldn't feel a thing (including my thumbs). On the way home, I started seeing shit. Honest to goodness, "My word, did I accidentally drop some acid?" goings on. Hypothermia, dehydration, take your pick. I found a bizarre-looking insect on my sweatshirt about the time I realized my phone was missing. It was flat. Definitely not a tick. It looked like a flattened lady bug, orange and black. Not completely flattened; I decided to call it a button-bug. It was definitely tenacious; it refused to be swept off and I had to pluck it. Bastard.

On the way home, I felt like the episode of Futurama where Leela is stung by that giant bee. I ran a red light, because it looked green from my angle. I think the wind whipped the light around a bit. I had my seatbelt on, not like the time earlier when I was driving without it (first time ever, intentional or not) and didn't realize until some yahoo in an SUV came down the mountain halfway in my lane. But I didn't budge, go me. What the hell got into me, though? I could hardly drive faster than the ridiculously low speed limit.

I planned to take a hot bath when I got home, but my apartment again got the better of me. I can't set the mode to 'bath'. This site promises help. I'll try it later. Got a hot shower, watched Kate Bush's "Sat in Your Lap" over and over (DiVo, remember?) and then The Sunday's "Here's Where the Story Ends" a couple of times. I am even more in love than I was. Harriet's got a pretty face to match her sweet voice, but Kate is just weird. And I like that, for some reason.

My girlfriend is great because she forgives my crushes. Most of them are blessedly asexual, at least. One thing I always hated, though, is when girls have this uncontrollable affinity for current star #A (*cough*michelle*cough*). Double standard!

Me sleep now. Nine hours hiking and falling halfway down mountains me chupa. My car has a full tank of gas, but mine is empty. PS: Everyone send me your phone numbers; I had not yet mapped them over to my new phone.

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