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Do you know those stickers you see on cars? The oval ones that say "VT" or "IRL" or "D"? I want one with the Bluetooth icon in it. Tonight, I got the Motorola HS810 cordless Bluetooth headset. You won't believe what I had to do to get it.

Earlier today, I my number was successfully ported to T-Mobile. The 14-day trial is underway. I have established the Bluetooth connection between my PDA and my phone, so with my unlimited internet access from my new cell provider, I can ssh to my webspace, get my e-mail, or log on to the web (my work e-mail is web-based). So far so good. Tonight, I got a Mary Kay kit from a coworker and decided to give it to my Grandma since she just shot me some $ to help with my move. I go to leave her place to go to the store to buy the headset and my car won't start. I called my mom, she tried to jump my car. No dice. I called AAA and they sent out a tow truck. The guy told me my battery connection was loose. He told me to start it, I would need someone else to hold the wire while I started the car. So I said the heck with it, I'm driving it to my mechanic and if I can't get it started there, I can leave it and my mom will give me a ride home. At the mechanic's lot, of course I can't get it started. Call it karma or fate or God or luck or coincidence, but my mechanic drove right in to the lot, about 2 hrs after he normally leaves. Wild. He fixed it there and then, and it was off to the store to find the headset.

I got to the AT&T Wireless store (T-Mobile didn't carry them) and it's gone. Of course, I had to wait for the guy, who was on two calls. I'm staring at my watch, as it's after 8, and I know if I have to drive to another place, it'll be close to 9. They didn't have the headset; they said they had to pull them because they weren't supposed to be available yet. They gave me the number and I called the Paramus store on Rt. 4, and they didn't have it. I was concerned because as I'm dialing, the guy's looking over my shoulder and I didn't want him to see that my phone was T-Mobile. On a lark, I decided to motor out to the Rt. 17 store. My car's also in desperate need of some gas; just thought I'd mention that. Long story short (too late!), I got to the store in time and bought the headset. And it looks cool; I can't wait to use it.

Leo LaPorte is on The Screen Savers right now, talking about how cool Bluetooth is. Synchronicity.

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