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Four walls just starin at a nigga

I'm answering sobriquet's interview questions here. If you want to interview me, leave a comment and I'll answer any five questions. Also, if you want, after you interview me, I'll interview you.

1. What where the short- and long-term effects of your whirlwind road trip, with regards to state of mind and future plans? And did you get from it what you had hoped?
The short-term effect of the trip was a surge in confidence and a general feeling of well-being. It was an accomplishment. Something I'd talked about for ages but finally actually done. I'm following through. Revitalized is a good word.
I miss living in Louisville, with beautiful, wide-open spaces, and access within a day's drive to tons of places. The long-term effect is that I am now pining for new surroundings and a new life. I need to put my (or someone's, or some kind of) act together if I want to actualize more dreams. I'm tired of feeling helpless. Also, mushy as it may sound, I feel really good about my relationship with Becca. It wasn't just me that made it. We made it.

2. Which Ayn Rand character do you think you're most like, and which would you most like to be like? And why and all of that.
Oh, geez. I don't remember. Sometimes Eddie, sometimes Hank. Depending on whether I'm feeling like I'm forced to work for the system or like I can force the system to work for me.

3. (Recycled question, but one I like) Where is your favorite place to be a) now, in the vicinity of where you live, b) of all the places you've ever been. These aren't necessarily geographic. I could be a city, a store, a chair, a sidewalk.
A) I like the Hudson River Valley. Know the picture at the top of The series of pictures I took that from pretty much sums it up. I can't wait to take my mountain bike out again. I'm already hearing Cloudbusting in my head.
B) My favorite place is usually wherever I'm not. I'm working on changing that. But I am really, really starting to miss the midwest. I miss Ithaca, too. I like most the places that have the best memories for me. I can't wait to move out of New Jersey. Wherever I go, I probably will go west, and unless it's Ithaca, I'll probably go south. I totally didn't answer your question. No one else is going to want to interview me, either, at this rate.

4. If you could go back and re-live your life from birth up until now, would you? Caveat being, you would have no opportunity to change it. You would relive the events exactly as they were originally.
Uh, would I remember living it twice? I would, because I would want to remember all the things that are beautiful in life that I've experienced. But I do a lot of living in the past already. We're only given one life, and it's best to use the time that we have well (and efficiently). If the choice is between reliving 23 years of my life or living 23 new ones, I'd rather live new ones. I've already learned from those mistakes, and being forced to sit through them again will not serve me any purpose. If I relived it, would it stop when I got to the present? Would I loop forever? Nah, man. Give me a life where each day is a new day.

5. Open. You pick something to say here that you think is interesting.
I feel like I am in a deep hole now. A hole that I will bang my way out—

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