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No More Wires!

If history knows me by my livejournal, I shall be known as a great deliberator.

My responsibilities at BankCo are growing, and this past month I have been required to operate outside the premises on a weekly basis. We don't have voicemail at my job (or even extensions); you have to call and ask for me by name (there is also no receptionist). Messages get lost, and if I call in to check if anyone's called, no one's sure if anyone else has taken down any messages. Plus, it's nice to have people be able to call me while I'm out on the road so I can stop by to see them later in the day without having to stop at the office. I have some territory to cover now, visiting business owners at work, taking loan apps (mortgages have kinda dried up), and prospecting for business. But I only have a cell phone personally, and I don't feel like giving what is basically my home number to clients.

I've been dissatisfied for awhile with Verizon's lack of phones, specifically Bluetooth phones that work with my PDA and offer me actual internet access and not just the temperature and stock quotes. Also, I just found out I'm outside contract, so I can move my number any time I want.

Dammit, I spent all this money on a Bluetooth PDA. There has to be a way to throw MORE money at the problem to make it go away.

Anyhow, the only thing that's really been stopping me from switching to T-Mobile is my concern about their lack of coverage/service. Does anyone out there use T-Mobile? I need your input.

A. Now B. 2 Lines, Shared Mins C. 2 Lines, 2 Plans D. 2 Lines, 2 Carriers
$28 (20% off $35)
+$5 (wireless "web")

$33 / month - 300 min
11¢ / min

$34 (15% off $40)
+20 (2nd line)
+ 7 (web)

$61 / month - 400 min
15.25¢ / min

$34 (400 min new contract, business)
$33 (300 min - keep current contract, too)

$67 / month - 700 min
9.57¢ / min

$40 (1000 T-Mobile min, personal)
+20 (unlimited intarweb via BlueTooth)
+34 (400 min w/ Verizon, business)

$94 - 1400 minutes
6.71¢ / min

  • Nada. Cheapest plan, though.
  • Next cheapest
  • Free IN-network calling (i.e. if Becca joins)
  • 1 phone (I get to keep my current)
  • The same.
  • This is only good for keeping my current plan. It only makes sense if I plan on taking my current home # to another provider.
  • More total minutes (no more having to stick purely to nights & weekends except in emergencies)
  • Cheaper by the minute than A or B
  • Keep my phone
  • Awesome new camera phone (which is $200 before a $100 rebate)
  • Bluetooth connectivity which gives me:
  • "full" internet on my PDA
  • the option to get a cordless headset (there goes my $100 rebate)
  • This is the cheapest / minute (lots of mins)
  • I still have "IN" with Verizon, but it will be on my business line
  • Probably no longer enough minutes (now that I have no home phone)
  • No intarweb
  • Still very few mins
  • SAME
  • Free IN would be on the business line
  • Most expensive
  • More min than I need?
  • No free mobile-to-mobile for T-Mobile
  • Intarweb may still suck (though not as bad a Verizon's)
  • New phone costs
  • Possible portability issues (is it that easy?)
  • T-Mobile's suckier coverage area (gotta keep the Verizon phone for those X-country trips)
  • Requires TWO new contracts
  • Requires TWO phones
  • My basic choice is either to put another line on my current phone, or go all out and put a new business line on my current phone and get a new phone with my current number. I'll probably keep at least one line with Verizon, since my company gives us a discount. But until they can do the data (and give me more minutes so I can talk to my girlfriend before 9pm some days), I am seriously considering T-Mobile. But the promotion on the T610 ends March 31st! Oh, what's a brother to do?


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