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The Ultimate Lady Experience

This is the first weekend in forever I've had to spend without Becca. I miss her! (Everybody, on cue: "Awwww!"). I was thinking about seeing Eternal Sunshine since I heard it was better than anticipated, but she is Far Away! Once again, my attempts to use my free movie passes are foiled. And my new digs are like 2 minutes from the theater!

I got TWO letters from the power co. today asking me to sign up for service. Bastards. At least they switched my power back on last night rather than on Monday. The power company building is like two minutes away in the other direction!


I will probably do my taxes tonight. Ah, the life of the swinging bachelor. At least Spring is here. I hope the snow melts soon. It's time to get my bike tuned-up and maybe sign up for Aikido classes. After I do my taxes, I can actually figure out how much money I have left after moving.

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