The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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N@'s Day Off Special Report: Work PWNS J00

I can't believe this. I woke up at seven and it's been getting darker since. More snow is forecasted for today.

Man, I still can't believe I woke up at seven on my day off. I feel so PWNED.

I downloaded the demo for Unreal or Halo or whatever the new game is, so hopefully I won't get too much work done today. I can move in at any time!

Having all sorts of Family Guy and Futurama episodes DiVo'ed up makes me happy. Plus, I have Kung-Pow permanently saved, and I set the thing up to record the Warriors when it is next on this Thursday at like 4:17 am. I am wasting time in a way never before possible!
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