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It seems that among the shows my DiVo lost is the classic film "The Warriors", further proving that come hell or high water, I will never actually see that movie.

Also, I happened upon a coworker who was perusing the personals (for "laughs") and we were trying to come up with the perfect profile. It's difficult to be unbelievably outrageous without being alarming enough to get yanked from the site as an obvious troll. Still, it's interesting to contemplate a picture of a scowling me with a large and fully puffed-out afro and a Hitler moustache, dressed all in black except for a bright red bowtie and the obnoxious huge brown spectacles (if you saw them, you would know that they were truly spectacles, not mere eyeglasses) I used to wear. I would probably refer to myself as "a real sweetheart" (unless you happen to be EUROPE because I believe the black race is the only True Race BLACK POWER!!

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