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So, okay

I've got my computer set up. While I was moving out yesterday, I noticed my mom had gotten herself an Uninterruptible Power Supply. I'd just been looking at the 18 minute one in Staples, and she'd actually gone and picked up the 5 min one. I deliberated a bit, and then picked up the 60 min one for myself. I doubt it will actually give me 60 min of power, what with 2 monitors and a decently powerful tower.

I bought a ton (almost literally) of furniture at IKEA, which is all in boxes, yet to be assembled. Then I bought a queen-sized futon, which is on delivery. Thank Jebus I had a ton of money saved up. But my place is actually going to look pretty awesome when I'm done. I suspect.

Dude, I finally have my comic books out of storage. FOREVER!

I am going to need at least three more bookcases.

The TV stand I got has a swivel top and (hopefully) enough room for my ancient consoles. My table has a top that flips over and rotates out into a table double the size. My floor lamp has a foot control with an on switch and a sliding dimmer. It's like Marge said, "Everything here is something."

I can't believe my mom has an UPS. Wow, I felt so lame $100 ago.

I had a little hiccup with my DVR today. I got the cable-company provided box, which is not a TiVo, but which my girlfriend, knowing my fondness for the band, calls it DiVo. So okay, now like half the shows saved on it are unwatchable.

Geez, I need to go to bed. I can't believe I let you keep me up so late.

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