The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Phone Post: NOLA, parade

280K 1:19
“(Kung Fu Fighting is playing in the background) Oh, man. We're down here at Mardi Gras. We just had a lot of fun.

<i>(Wooing in background)</i>

I tell you what, we knocked some people down grabbing beads here. We've got glowing stuff, we've got flashing stuff... I mean, this is nuts, man. I got more beads -- (unintelligible voice in background) Yeah, I've got more beads on me, I think, than my neck can support. I'm about to have a spasm here from all these beads around my neck. You guys should check this place out, OMG.

I caught, like, one of everything. I've got toys, I've got cups, I've got coins... I got all kinds of crazy crap that says "Mardi Gras" on it, because hey, eet ees carnivale! You must come to carnivale, you cannot run from carnivale, for even running... is a kind of dance. I am on fire! And I dance.

Yes. That's right.

We've got music, we're about to have some really hot spicy Cajun food, [we're] about to hit some (???), we're about to have some seafood gumbo, we're gonna have some Cajun wings... anything that is on the menu that they can bring to us, we are asking for, because you know what? It's vacation! Ah, so you know, those of you who are out there where it's raining, or where, you know, it's dark, cold... (laughter)

Never has it been so true to say: sucks to be you!”

Transcribed by: kermix

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