The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Phone Post: Live from Florida....

197K 0:51
“Eideteker: Heeey, I'm here in Fl. I've got quite the crew with me. I'm gonna introduce you all. Here's Becca. Say 'hi' Becca.
Becca: Hello
Eideteker: Alright, and uh, I've got Chris here, Sobriquet. Say hi Chris.
Chris: h..hi
Eideteker: Yeah, that's Chris.
Background voice: Who are you talking to?
Eideteker: You're talking to Livejournal, dude. You're online now. Livejournal's pretty good. Here,here's Joe. Say hi, Joe.
Joe: Hello Intarweb.
Eideteker: And I've got Katy too, isn't this awesome
Katy (giggling, sounding like Marzipan): Hey!
Eideteker: Alright, that's the whole crew man. We made record time down here to Fl. We got lost in Gainesville, but you know, it's still sunlight out and you know, it only took us 25 hours to get here. We'll probably have more to add later, but for now, I am rillly tired. So I'll talk to you later, Livejournal. Bye bye!”

Transcribed by: smandas
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