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Dammit, Stipe

I've been having a lot of falling dreams lately. Falling, jumping diving from various heights. Sometimes into a body of water. Last night, there were tons of bodies of water; swimming pools, reflecting pools, possibly a lake in there somewhere, and a slip and slide. No great leaps, though. At one such party place, R.E.M. was there. And I was like, oh wow cool, too bad CrisBek is not here. So the band is okay cool, except Michael Stipe has this big, nasty fuckin dog. And it's like foaming at the mouth, seething to get at me. And it starts jumping all over me. So I tell him, and he calls it off. The dog sort of slinks off but then turns right around and lunges at me. So like my friends and R.E.M. are all like "Oh, man, that's bad," but aren't doing anything because they don't want to hurt the animal. Neither am I, cause hey, it's Stipe's dog. Who wants to kill Michael Stipe's dog? But, in the end, I had to just strangle the fucker.

I guess the moral of the story is "Don't fuck with me or I'll kill your dog."

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