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ROAD TRIP '04: AAA to the Rescue!

This is our route so far:
    1st Leg: 16 hours, ETD: 2004.02.14.1400
  1. 95 South to Jacksonville
    • At Richmond, we'll take 295 South and East around the city
    • No radar detector allowed in Virginia!
  2. At Jacksonville, we'll take 295 West and South to
  3. 10 West to
  4. 75 South to get to Gainesville, avoiding the speed traps on 301. I'll run more precise directions past Katy when I have them.
    ETA: 2004.02.15.1600
    2nd Leg: 6.5 hours, ETD: 2004.02.16.1100
  1. 75 North to
  2. 10 West to Mobile, Alabama. We'll be able to drop in on Corey/consume and he can show us how Mobile does Mardi Gras.
    ETA: 2004.02.16.1730
This is where it starts to get fuzzy, and times become less firm. Remember, the E stands for Estimated.
    3rd Leg: 2.5 hours, ETD: 2004.02.17.0800
  1. 10 West to New Orleans, Louisiana. That was easy!
    ETA: 2004.02.17.1030
    4th Leg: 7.5 hours, ETD: 2004.02.19.0800
  1. 10 East to
  2. 59 North through Hattiesburg to Birmingham. I looked into the Natchez Trace Parkway, Chris, but it is far out of the way. The route I've chosen is only 18 miles further than taking 65-85.
  3. Along the way, 59 meets 20. They hang out and have fun adventures.
  4. If we like, we can stop in Birmingham and march for our rights (and lefts!) or we can take 459 South and East around the city.
  5. 20 East to Atlanta.
    ETA: 2004.02.19.1600 (if done without stopping)
And now, a brief interlude:

Zorak: (off camera) Whatch y'all doin'?
Thom Yorke: (laughs)
Space Ghost: "Y'all"?
Zorak: Yeah.
Space Ghost: Where'd you learn to talk like that?
Zorak: Hattiesburg.
Space Ghost: What were you doing in Hattiesburg?
Zorak: Kickin' it.
Space Ghost: Oh really.
Zorak: Yep.
Space Ghost: Well, that's interesting.
Zorak: It is interesting.

    5th Leg: 14 hours, ETD: 2004.02.21.
  1. 85 North from Atlanta
    • This route will actually take us near smandas (15 min away?), so we may be able to see her. It would probably be more like "dinner with" as Atlanta to Chapel Hill will probably take about 6 hours. Guess that's about 6pm, and we still have to go about 4 hours before we stop for the night, as that will leave us about 4 hours transit time to NJ. Of course, Becca still has a 4 hour drive to MA. We may also stop in Baltimore to see some of her family the next morning. Time, at this point, will become a factor.
  2. to Richmond, VA, where we pick up 95 North again.
    ETA: 2004.02.22.1200
BIBLIOGRAPHY: The story so far...
0. The Need is Established.
1. The Plan is Hatched.
2. The Lines are Drawn.
3. Intelligence is Gathered.
4. A Call to Action.
5. You are Here.
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