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ROAD TRIP '04: Clearly Another Post of Some Kind is Required

Excuses, pardons, whatever. My brain hurt or my head ached or whatever you want to call it after staring at maps all of Saturday. So after my last entry, my brain sorta shut down. Recapitulation ensues.

Ok, so I work till 1:30 Saturday, Feb. 14th. I will be driving directly down to Florida (with a motel stop along the way) to see vinz_klorthoJoe and morgaineKaty (and hopefully sobriquetChris). I will be driving down with contadinaBecca.

This drive will be mostly down 95, though I will look into the alternate routes suggested, but we are driving straight to Gainesville. Then we are going to New Orleans. Only after that will we be going to Atlanta. We will drive as directly to Gainesville as possible. This is because we will not be able to get there until mid-Sunday (unless I were to somehow drive for 16 hours after waking up that morning to go to work). Now, Joe, if you are taking Monday off from work, then we can spend an extra day in Gainesville. Let me know. It will also mean that if you desire to come up, Mr. Bek, you'll have much more than just 1 hr of hang-out time. In fact, I think some amount of bowling would be required. Or something else fun. I would recommend you get in touch with Katypants as well as myself, Chris.

This trip is supposed to be as fun and low-stress as possible. I understand that other people are involved at many points, so I will try to be as detailed as possible.

After Florida, we're heading to New Orleans. I'm of the opinion that most things will be easier going if we do the bulk of driving at night, but then, I also have to sleep at some point. So the schedule is not set and determined. If we have to cut New Orleans short, we will to give people in GA more time to see us. But I doubt people will have that much free time during the work week. We've got our respective relations in Atlanta, plus it would be cool to meet the 9 and Mr. Baka.

Corey, I'll try calling you again tonight to get the details on things to do around the Gulf of Mexico, since you are Mr. Mardi Gras.

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