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ROAD TRIP '04: Thus far

We have established a few things:
  1. Florida is big. I mean huge.
  2. I am working on Saturday (Valentine's), meaning I cannot leave Friday night or Saturday crack o' dawn. (This causes much lameness, read on below).
  3. My new apartment is like inches away from 95
  4. If I leave around 2 pm Saturday, drive for 8 hours (including 1 hr total rest time) and then sleep till about 8 am and drive for another 8 hrs, I can be in Gainesville by 4pm Sunday.
  5. Gary Numan/Tubeway Army PWNS J00 !!
  6. From G'ville, it is another 8 hr drive to Nawlins, Loouseanna.
  7. But the food there is awesome beyond reckoning.
  8. We will be able to spend a few days in NOLA before heading to ATL (8 more hrs drive).
  9. In Atlanta, we will be able to see Becca's sister, my aunt and my half-brother as well as anyone else able to make time for us.
  10. We have to be back in NJ early Sunday, because Becca will have a further 4 hours to drive before nightfall (meaning we probably have to leave ATL Saturday by noon).
  11. We will not be making any hotel reservations; we will be flying by the seat of our pants!
  12. I will be doing all the driving, unless the Sandman comes after me, because we will be taking my car.

Things that are not certain:
  1. We may not be able to see CrisBek unless he can drive up to Gainesville. When he said he lived across the state, I thought he meant the other side, not the other end. There is a difference, as they refer to latitude and longitude, irrespectively. I suppose in Florida, they use the more technical terms "wangward" and "shaftward". We will work something out, Mr. Ansi Man.
  2. Chances are we will not also have time to stop and visit Smanda as that would either require us to stop on the way down, meaning we wouldn't get to Gainesville until Joe was back at work on Monday; or we would have to stop on the way back, meaning we would lose the part of the weekend we are staying in GA. The problem is insufficient weekend time (since everyone has 'jobs' now), especially with me working that first Saturday.
  3. Replicas (the song, not the album) would probably be a good back beat for the latest urban hip-hop dance tune, if any deejays are searching for that perfect beat. I say again, probably. That's why this is on the maybes list.
  4. Hang-outs, especially in Atlanta, will probably have to be aggregated, rather than 1 on one hangouts.

Things [of which] people need to stop reminding me:
  • Don't worry about me hitting DC rush hour. I am going to be leaving on a Saturday, so it will not be that big a problem. Seriously, grown adults (like, oh, my dad), knowing full well when I am leaving, keep reminding me of this and I keep telling them: "Saturday! Saturday, dammit!"
  • Actually, that was it. I just wanted to throw that out there to curtail the abovementioned activity.
  • Oh, wait. Stop telling me I'd "better hit AAA," too. It's scheduled in my Palm for Tuesday. You happy?!!

That's right, I said New Apartment. I didn't say anything, because I don't want to jinx it. I sign the lease Tuesday.

Please, information into either comments (general info) or e-mail (addresses, phone #s). I have an astronomical amount of data I am processing at the moment. Pretend the record albums in the icon are maps.
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