The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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"But you found things to fix...", which is probably my most-hit website, needs a "Compare" feature. I was trying to choose between "elaborate" and "elucidate" and there was no simple way to weigh them against each other, the way there would be if I were trying to purchase a digital camera, GPS unit, or cellular plan. Curse you, internet, for leaving me to use my brain after all that hard "typing".

Question for the world: Do you all breathe equally through both nostrils? I can tell after running through four boxes of tissues since Friday that (as I've suspected for decades) most of my breathing goes through my right nostril. It's way the hell more torn up than the left one, even with the aloe tissues I use. I wonder if I should get this checked out. My nose whistles sometimes and I've always wondered if I didn't have a deviated septum or something.
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