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Called in sick today

And this is just one of the things I did:


Man, I'm so glad that site's still up. I can just imagine Uncle Joe and Sean going back and forth endlessly: "You're the man now, dog!" "No, you're the man now, dog!" Endlessly and drunkenly, I should've added. I should also note that until I previewed this entry in the Semagic client, I had no clue that web page played a sound. Well, cool.

I watched the Dr. Who episode today, "The Talons of Weng-Chiang", which has Deep Roy in it. Deep Roy was Mr. Soggybottom in Big Fish. Small world! I recognized him in the documentary on the second disc. Netflix is great for sick days.

This song is some seriously good music. This is what got me into the whole "dark" thing back before there was NIN. Well, music like this. I had no idea who Killing Joke was until I bought Metallica's "Garage, Inc." Shut up.

"till the fearless come, and the act is done"

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