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Time to wake up

Who is John Kerry? Isn't John Edwards that psychic guy? Does anyone have a chance of beating Baby Bush? All I have heard people argue is about haircuts and age. That doesn't make a successful president!

Someone dig up Thomas Jefferson. Whatever failings you ascribe him, the man was a hell of a statesman. His greatest failing was initiating with Alexander Hamilton the two-party system. One of the greatest failings of our democrazy is that it collapsed into a two-party system; which is perhaps more stable, but less productive. It lends itself to the idea that one side is right and one is wrong, and it's US vs. THEM. If only we could maintain a three-party system, and I'm not talking of Democrats, Republicans, and Everyone Else*. America needs a party unified not by ideas but by ideals; fidelity to the intent of the Founding Fathers and their great experiment, the philosophy behind it, and the original American motto: "Mind Your Business".

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