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A'ight, Dope

I love music as much for what it says as for what it doesn't say. For example, the subject of this post is actually taken from the title bar of I have added the punctuation in much the way we add our own meanings to the lyrics we hear.

Today, thanks to an excellent post on metafilter, I was finally clued in to the meaning of the Kate Bush song to which I'm listening. Orgonon, cloudbusting, and his son are finally clear to me. Google has plenty of sites; now that I have something more than "Organon" and "cloudbusting" to type in, I can get more than just Kate Bush lyrics. And this is what I love about music. Believe in it or not, you can finally solve the mystery. And if you have the time, you can even peruse the entire FBI file. Or read the play.

I'd type more, but I'm on information overload.

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