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Strap Yourself in

Well ok tomorrows new years and i of course have work early and party late and in between i have to get into the city and meet up with david where are we meeting erica/she is picking us up where?

man you would not believe the christmas i have been having saturday after work i went to return all the stuff i got that was wrong/bad/badong etc and got new stuff like i got a gba sp onyx with the store credit from hocking my white gba and then i took the tripod that broke back to stalpes for cash and got an ill tripod from radio shack for like $10 more than the original purchase price of the cheap staples one then i redeemed my coconuts gift card for a gba carrying case and a cable to hook it up to my gamecube then i put the rest of the card towards a copy of mario sunshine which is almost like several minigames but still has enough of an adventure game structure to keep me from throwing it out the window

than i went to macy*s and got an insane amount of clothes on one $100 gift card which rocked since i have ruined like 4 shirts this month with my wicked sharp elbows after that i went two barnes and nobles and spent the money my dad gave me for there on a copy of the watchmen which i have been meaning to get for like ages and a copy of the new conan collection plus i saw this cool palm guide which was 50% off at like $10 and then at the last minute i grabbed a hudson river valley calendar because i love the valley and i believe a protion of the proceeds goes towards perserving the trales and stuff i like in new york state hooray

umm i also stopped off at eastern mountian sports and got some of those wraparound the back of your head earmuffs and also everyone has been complementing me on my new shirts which rocks because it means i have some fasion sense

Ugh, how do you type like this?

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