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Keep Running, Keep Running in Place

It seems Fountains of Wayne released another album this year, so I may have found a home for my $25 Coconuts gift card. I'd buy something like the Futurama or Family Guy box sets, but then I'd actually have to give them money out of my pocket, thus falling prey to their evil scheme. I could also pick up Leona Naess' most recent album, which I still don't own, but meh, I might find it cheaper in the village (like the last two). If, after looking at my (out of date) list of CDs owned, you have any suggestions (new or old music), place them in the "comments". Thanks!

I've got a $100 Macy*s gift card as well, as my mother must have known I would tear the elbow out of my shirt today for the fourth time this month. I have sharp elbows, y0. Ph34r.

I've also got a B&N gift card, but I am not sure what books if any I'd like to get. Maybe I can get one of my DVD box sets through them. I don't mind giving Barnes & Noble money. And I have all the books I could possibly read in 2004 already. And at my current rate of used book purchase, by the end of 2004, I will have enough to round out the decade nicely. I will also need to take out a mortgage just to pay for my bookshelves. Those pictures would be more amazing if you could see that the ceiling is but inches out of frame. I'll take better pictures next time.

Gah, I also have that $30 I got from selling back my GBA, and the urge to buy a GBA SP is rising.

I'll try to update likeicare soon. I got my paper shredder (cross-cut!), but I asked for the wrong type of Cruzer drive. My brother has awesomely agreed to do the exchange for me.

I think Tom, David, Erica, Katelyn, Me, and anyone else in the tri-state area with no plans should get together on New Year's Eve. If there are any alleys open, I'd love to bowl the heck out of 2003's final hours.


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