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I had fun today!

My pen died today, so I decided to head to Staples and pick up one of the 3-in-1 pen-styli-things they have. Then, of course, I saw the 4-in-1 Belkin Quadra (Alison can tell you the SKU #) which is a pen, a (white LED) flashlight, a Palm stylus, and a LASER POINTAR@$!!! Oh man! I have wanted a laser pointer for so long and I'm having fun painting buildings two blocks over with my red spot. The only thing it needs is a button which, when depressed, pops out a shiv/letter-opener.

Has anyone used Hello? I haven't found a good photohosting site yet, but this seems like a cool service. Of course, person A and person B have to have the software for it to work, as it's P2P picture sharing.

And hey, WinAMP 5.0, cats. Is this anything to sing about? I don't know. I can't even remember what it was about 3.0 that I didn't like that made me switch back to 2. But now I can play those darned Ogg files and my mp3s on the same app.
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