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Phone Post: Crisbek takes ovar

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“Hi, look at me, I'm really into all this technology stuff and feel inclined to post via my k-rad cell phone. I decided today to make it a contest how much stuff I could pack into one single phone post and see which sucker would take the time to transcribe it.

I said some crap about what I did this weekend, a whole bunch of stuff about the weather. I'm jealous of <lj user=sobriquet>'s fantastic weather right now. While he's enjoying 60-70 degree weather in the tropical paradise that is South Florida, I had to walk, uphill, both ways, in the snow to do Christmas shopping, since I don't ever really have to go to work, I had lots of free time to do it.

Speaking of <lj user=sobriquet>, I'm terribly jealous, not only of his handsome personage, but also his eclectic taste in music. At his insistence, I will soon be worshiping Dinosaur Jr.

I complained about I-95, but I don't really know how bad it is since I am not driving on it in Palm Beach County where it is under construction for like 40 miles in a row. It makes it worse that my car cannot handle any sort of weather at all. And speaking of, I sang a Caviar song that refers to hydroplaning (poorly), and said some more stuff. I swore a little. And that's pretty much it.”

Transcribed by: sobriquet

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