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Now What?

Once upon a time, there was a man who stood atop a tall pedestal. From there, he could see big things for miles around, but the people that passed below were tiny as ants. Some would try to shout up to him to ask what he saw, but often, he didn't hear. Those he did he would have shouted conversations with, but soon they would grow tired of shouting and move on.

Some who did not tire he invited up, throwing down a rope to be climbed. But the pedestal was high, and many grew tired as the higher they climbed, the thinner the air got.

One day, there came along a woman who so enjoyed talking to this man and so desired to see what he saw that she made the entire climb. Once she was atop the tall pedestal, she took in all the beauty; that of the tall mountains and of the sea beyond. And she turned to the man and spoke.

"Now what?"

For it was not enough for her to see the mountains and the ocean; she wished to go there. And the man was saddened, as he now wished to go with her. But though he had a very stout rope, he had nothing upon his perch to secure it to. He had simply tied it about himself to allow her ascent.

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