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You'll never walk again You'll never walk again

I will be good, I swear. Just make the pain stop. Disgusted by the amount of food I put away this weekend, I decided to bike the 15 miles or so to Liberty State Park and back. It was neet; I got to see a lot of Hoboken and many things that look like consume's pictures, in that there were railroad tracks and boats and everything needed a coat of paint. I brought my camera, but I took no such awesome pictures. I took some pictures of the statue. I took some pictures of the old docks and the new developments. Manhattan is what, 17 mi long? I basically did the length of Manhattan twice, coming up and down. Oh, and did I mention the wind chill is 35 °F? Good thing I dressed warmly, though I couldn't find me face mask with the wind-blocking weave in it. More's the pity, because me ear was already feeling wonky and that's the only thing that was really cold. Vestibular senses failing! I could probably use a pair of those earmuffs that go around the back of your head that all the hip guys are wearing. The old-skool over the top of the head kind would interfere with my headgear.

I am now going to curl (if my legs are not too stiff for that) up in bed. I have queued like 20 hrs of WinAMP (did you know that Hum, I Mother Earth, and Ian Saint Ian are all alphabetically adjacent in my collection?) so I don't have to move at all. Later, my mom may attempt feed me more leftovers through a straw.

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