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Don't Eat Skippy, GiF or Peter Pan

I love that my girlfriend made me play this song all the way through when we were on vacation in April and it came on my car's CD player. I haven't been listening to much rap but I have started th'owin on Hot 97 in the car so I can be cool again. I think listening to rap is good for me. There's nothing like a good lyrical flow to stimulate my gangsta-rappin ganglia. There's also nothing like a girl that wants to understand your music—all your music—even if you still give her static for listening to country.

Tech News
The Good: The Palm I ordered two nights ago showed up today at work. Damn, that was fast. I brought it home and started charging it, and then I went out for two hours to get accessories: a hard case and a set of screen protectors. I am going to set it up right after I finish this entry. Set it up on the left, y'all. Set it up on the right, y'all. Set it up, set it up.

The Bad: The wireless headphones I bought on eBay are not holding a charge, even though they were listed as being in "perfect condition". I have contacted the seller, as I have only three more weeks to file my claim and I'd like to resolve this without having any bad blood. It's not easy to write someone an e-mail that says: "I think you cheated me," without being hostile. Maybe he will offer to replace the battery or something. I mean, he's a "Power Seller", so he's got to protect his 98% rating. But hell, if I end up returning the 'phones, I can afford a different toy.

We are building amazon wishrist of Extraordinary Magnitude.

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