The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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Rock the fuck out, motherfuckers!

We Can't, You Won't, and We Don't Stop

Disturbing the peace
Obstructing the justice
You know the police
are just dying to bust us

Coming around
ain't got no right
"Turn that shit down!"
Startin the fight

But we ain't stoppin the fight
No, we ain't stoppin tonight!

Think toy lights and sirens
will make us all turn rabbit
The streets throb with our sound
And you know you can't have it

Disturbing our peace
You know that it's just us
havin some fun
You really disgust us

So maybe you started the fight
But we ain't stoppin the fight
No, we ain't stoppin tonight

The neighbors ain't complainin
No, they're all in here rockin
The streets throb with love now
And we can't hear you talking!

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