The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Phone Post: New Feature

430K 1:58
“This was such a bad idea. Oh man, I mean, I love the sound of my own voice, so you know I'm never going to get tired of using this. Oh man. Oh. Man. Oh, wow. No, really wow. I'm going to be able to, um, to do poetry readings and.. and sing, and.. and, you know, just generally share... all sorts of noises with you. It's going to be very special, I'm I'm glad you could be here to participate in this. And, um. The person that transcribes this post is the coolest person ever. And you can paste your username in there, and be like, "N@ said that I am" and you could link to the post, and then everyone will know, because that's how the Internet works. What's great about this thing, also, is that I can talk for, like, five minutes before it cut me off. It's really cool. So you could be sitting here listening to me go on and on and on, and uh... eventually I'll learn how to hack it so "oh it's only a thirty second post," and then, like, four minutes later, like "Oh, God, is he ever going to stop talking?" But, then again, that's why, um, computers have off switches. Um, but, um, yeah, you know. Don't tell. Um.. don't tell my friends that I said that, okay? The thing about talking on a phone, is like, when you're done talking you want to be like, "Okay, I love you, bye bye," but you can't really do that, because you're making an entry and I don't do that at the end of all my entries, because I'm not some girly man. I'm like, "the hell with you guys." So, the hell with you guys.”

Transcribed by: hamusutaa
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