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Congratulations! But our vacation is in another castle...

Despite my best efforts, I find it hard to stay in a Very Bad Mood this morning. And yes, since I am only just sitting down to lunch, it is still morning for me.

Wonder of wonders, I've got a three-day weekend this weekend. But if you know my job, you know that it's never that easy. It's Sunday-Monday-Tuesday. Also, as it's on such short notice, I can't schedule any of the meetings I wanted to with deans at Cornell (my first idea). Also, Becca's way too busy to visit, and that's work-time for her, so there would be much thumb-twiddling. Then I had the idea to visit my dad, 45 min East of Pittsburgh. He's been asking me to come out repeatedly (especially since he started his cancer treatments a bunch of months ago). My dad and I got along great for ages when I was a kid, then drifted apart after he left my mom and stopped calling/visiting/etc for awhile. But I have time, and it would be nice to visit him (so he can show me off at work?) rather than sit around my room for three days straight (and I know I would). So I left a message on his cell to call me.

But I'm thinking, are there any LJers in the area I could visit? The closest I can reckon is Katelyn, who is still like a 2-3 hour drive away (but we never hang out when she is home and only 10 mi away, how New York is that?). Who knows where Chrissy is these days, or I'd stop in Philly and say hi. If you're somehow being forgotten, let me know and if I am in fact going out that way, I will try to say hi.

Gotta take my car into the shop tomorrow to get the brakes fine-tuned. I am very picky but my mechanic puts up with me.

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