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Attention Smegheads:

Anyone who had an "" e-mail address set up for them now has a "" address. I've got infinite renames, so if anyone wants to have a harmless redirect (no POP space; it has to point to a real account) you can give your friends, let me know. I didn't have a great surge of requests for @tfdn addresses, but I figure likeicare is a bit more marketable. It's free to friends, or at least to people I consider friends. Whatever, likewecare anyway.

nullstreamMr. Null Man is supposed to hook up my post-by-email capacity, so you will start to see some more activity.

Given the response to this post, I may have to change my e-mail from mr.negativity to MORECOWBELL.

Does anyone know where I can get a kilt in time for a wedding Sunday?
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