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Scratch words in the dirt

I: !
b4k4: !
b4k4: haha
b4k4: "the word of the day is questibro"
I: !@
I: oh man
I: Memories

In other words/news: ...someone had to code it that when you type in nothing, it actually looks up "nothing", and to me that is beautiful. The simple things in life!

I had a dream last night of a knife thrower/trick shooter who lost what mattered most to him in life; in this case, his love. She did not fare well that night when she posed as target. The levels to which a man can sink... a cold, calculated fury nothing like the proverbial woman scorned. And the slow torture as he nicked her here, there, watching her eyes to see if and when they revealed her treachery. That look on her face is what he was going for, the moment when she knows he knows. And the audience knows nothing of this; wonders why this is happening and is it part of the act. But it is nae theirs to ken; it's a story between two with a third as a catalyst.

There is a new Semagic LJ client out. You can download your journal for offline viewing/editing/searching. Well, ballyhoo! Please, spread the word, as people have wanted this for some time.

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